Thursday, March 30, 2006

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March 30, 2006- Titusville, Florida--Submitted by Joe Hurston

Air Mobile Ministries (AMM), just returned from a very successful trip to Haiti. I was blessed to have Dan Hoyme and David Phillips from Overland Missions travel with me. We arrived in Port-au-Prince on the 25th of March and were able to clear all 22 Vortex Voyagers TM through customs with no trouble. When the customs inspector found out that we were bringing clean water to sick babies, he waved the entire shipment through.

Our first delivery was to Lighthouse Children’s Home, a home with 28 orphans. As we traveled, we used great vigilance, always checking behind us and looking ahead as we remembered the attack that we survived just a few weeks ago.

We were able to show the Jesus Film to over 300 people. After the showing, we prayed for nearly an hour for those who wanted a closer walk with Jesus. I always love doing this as it is near and dear to my heart.

On Sunday morning we donated two Vortex Voyagers to a medical team. We trained them in front of the International Airport right on the tailgate of our truck. The medical team included the daughters of a very good friend of ours, Dave Walen.

Our next stop was to the Wings of Hope Children’s Home for the severely handicapped. The love and care shown by the staff for these very handicapped children was like a breath of fresh, mountain air in this environment of disease, dust and anger. Our joy was incredible at this deployment.

Next came my favorite part of the trip because it included me in the co-pilot seat of an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Cessna 207 single engine airplane for a 1 hour flight to the extreme north-west tip of Haiti, Mole St. Nicolas. In a whirlwind of activity the AMM team deployed 8 units in a little more than a 12 hour period.

At one orphanage near Mar Rouge, we met a young biologist who was completely amazed with the technology of the Vortex Voyager. Everywhere we went on this mission, the recipients of these water purifiers were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Harris Rosen Foundation for sponsoring these units for the people of Haiti.

Our Caribbean Representative, Barbara Walker, was her usual determined, compassionate, and knowledgeable self. We are happy to announce that the adoption papers, which Barbara was working on, that had been stolen during the attack last month, were replaced with record speed! One year old Maki, whose adoption was scheduled to be completed last month, is now ready to go!

At the end of this trip, as is the case at the end of every successful mission’s trip, we are thankful to God for His protection and guidance. We are exhausted, but it is that good exhaustion that comes from a job well done. Thanks for your support and for taking the time to read our update.


Princess said...

Hello dear,

These are quite extraordinary accomplishments only through our good Lord. I would love to partner with your organization. Our work is in Africa in very hard to reach areas and you can read about us on We will be updating the website this week to highlight our Kibera Women Empowerment Project. We would love the opportunity to meet Thank u again for sharing good Mr. Harris Rosen. Fenna E. Bacchus, President/CEO Functional Illiteracy Research and Education, Inc.

Ruthnande said...

I am so glad to see all the good works that you do in Haiti. May the Lord our Savior continue to Bless you guys.

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